Breathing the Mountain

Breathing the mountain is a 3 day recovery and reconnection journey through enjoying nature, creativity and inner work in a pleasant and inspiring nature environment. It is an experiential retreat where you will learn, in a soft, gentle and nourishing way, how to gain awareness of your existing resilience and self care strategies. It will support you to take better care of your well being and emotional states, acknowledge your past experience and also learn and connect with others. This journey will be navigated through different techniques such as mediation exercises, nature walks, body movement, creative expression through nature and enjoying gathering together, all in a safe and cared space. After this process you will be better prepared to face your personal and professional path.


This journey will bring you to:

1. RECOVER yourself from the emotional and physical intensity of the field.

2. INCREASE self awareness and develop new skills to improve your inner resilience and well being strategies.

3. SHARE your personal wisdom and experiences with your peers.

4. LEARN and reinforce ways to better care about yourself, prevent burn out and distress.

5. CONNECT and support other colleagues.

6. INTEGRATE better your last mission and harvest all of its learnings.

7. EMPOWER yourself to be able to face new challenge.

8. CREATE the possibilities to be better prepared for your personal and professional path.