About us

Cornet Augé

I am psychologist, psychotherapist, adventure therapist and wild mountaineer guide.

With more than 10 years experience working on mental health issues. Supporting persons and groups around complex MH situations. This brought me ti specialized in the trauma field and develop more sensitive and a human aproaches to support better

in burn out prevention. In the last years he has been developing positive psychology and well being programs through different approaches. Has worked for MSF OCG mission as MHAM.

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  • License in Psychology (Univ of Bacrelona)
  • Master in Psychopathology and Mental health of the adult (Univ Barcelona)
  • Graduate in Mental health in situations of political Violence and Catastrophes (Univ Complutense MAdrid)
  • Europsy Psychotherapist recognised
  • Process oriented Psychology Diplomate (Process Oriented School Barcelona)
  • Certified Coach (ICF Acreditation)

Cornet Augé

I am a Social Anthropologist, Sociologist, Group facilitator, Trainer and Community Pedagogist. On the way to be an Expressive Art Therapist.

More than 15 years of work on awareness-raising projects around the intercultural integration, culture of peace promotion, violence prevention and community inclusion and well being in educational, prison and community contexts in Catalonia, France and Italy.

These experiences bring me a profound interest in group dynamics, collaborative, participatory and experiential learning, mutual support and co-creation processes.

Thanks to this path my work is know mainly focused on generating spaces where listening, trust, dialogue and awareness of emotions are at the core of any personal and collective change.

In the last years, I discover the wide possibilities expressive arts and creativity bring to connect, understand and expand personal awareness. I also value the importance of giving space, listening, caring and accompanying moments of vital change for better life-long learning and emotional well-being.

All this brings me in a deeper work proposal on the vulnerability and potentiality that inhabits us, the recognition of the longings and unwillingness to live, and the regaining the ability to respond actively and creatively in our walk.

  • Msc Social Anthropology (Univ. of Edinburgh)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Sociology (Univ. of Barcelona)
  • Group facilitation through Process Oriented Psychology (Filalagulla)
  • Expressive Arts Therapy (1rst year Master – IATBA)
  • Body and Art Postgraduate (ALAS)
  • Rites of Passage Facilitator (Escuela Ritos de Paso)