Being the wind

Being the wind is a 1 day journey to RECOVER and RECONNECT with your inner resilience and improve your well-being through enjoying nature, creativity and inner work in an inspiring natural and safe environment. This workshop will allow to give yourself a moment to disconnect from your daily routine, stress, technology and connect with yourself, with nature, and with the present moment. We will guide you through different experiential exercises such as: nature walks, art expression, body movement and meditation. This will offer you tools to regenerate, decompress, and oxygenate your body, mind and spirit.

This journey will bring you to:

1. RECOVER yourself from the emotional intensity of daily work

2. INCREASE self awareness and develop new skills to improve your inner resilience and well being.

3. LEARN and reinforce ways to better care about yourself, prevent burn out and distress.

4. EMPOWER yourself to be able to face new challenges.

5. CONNECT and support others.