Our approach

Our approach has a multilevel and multidimensional work, where psychology, anthropology, sociology and ecology weave together.

We work mainly through experience based methodologies, where each person starts from their own path, experience and learning needs. Every person has the wisdom and resources to know how to better care about themselves.

We emphasize working with groups as the enrichment of the community expands the ways to understand life and our well being.

Nature, inner work and expressive arts as the means to develop our approach.

We bring you :

Connection with Nature through outdoor activities based on wilderness therapy, ecopsychology and deep ecology.

Connection with yourself: Inner work based on Process Work Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy, combined with breath work and meditation activities.

– Connection and activating your body: through movement exercises, walks in the nature and by nourishing it with healthy food-

– Connection with others: Sharing, listening and learning from your peers brought by group facilitation with a collaborative and supportive approach

Connection with your own experience and your learning needs related to self care strategies and possibilities: Learn and take awareness about your inner resources, wisdom and inner power.

Connection with your own understanding of health, well being and inner resilience, to expand your vision of it, nurturing it with a holistic understanding of health and inner resilience: health as an active and responsible act of taking care of yourself and others.

Creative process through expressive arts as a practice for life, to help you expand ways to see, understand and act upon life events and situation.